Essie Nail Polish: A Review of its Top 5 Best-selling Shades

By Emily Walker

The Essie Experience: A Splash of Color in Every Bottle

There's something undeniably enchanting about the perfect nail polish color. Essie, a revered name in the nail polish industry, understands this magic. Over the years, Essie has captured the hearts of many with its varied, vibrant, and high-quality shades. Today, we delve into a review of Essie's top five best-selling nail polish shades. These iconic colors have not only stood the test of time but have consistently remained favorites among Essie enthusiasts.

1. Ballet Slippers: The Royal Favorite

Dubbed the favorite nail polish of Queen Elizabeth II herself, "Ballet Slippers" is a classic, timeless shade. This color is a pale, sheer pink with a subtle, sophisticated shine. It's perfect for those seeking a natural, understated look.

  • Color: Soft, sheer pink
  • Finish: Subtle shine
  • Perfect For: Everyday wear, professional settings, and formal occasions

2. Lady Like: The Chic Neutral

"Lady Like" is a beautiful muted mauve. This elegant shade is a chic alternative to the typical nude or beige, offering a hint of understated color that complements any outfit.

  • Color: Muted mauve
  • Finish: Creamy
  • Perfect For: Adding a touch of class to any look, be it casual or formal

3. Wicked: The Bold Statement

For those who prefer a bolder look, "Wicked" is a deep, dark burgundy. This shade is intense, vampy, and perfect for making a statement or adding a touch of drama to your look.

  • Color: Deep, dark burgundy
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Perfect For: Evening events, fall and winter seasons, and when you're in a daring mood

4. Mint Candy Apple: The Fun Pastel

"Mint Candy Apple" is a playful, pastel mint green. This shade is as refreshing as a cool summer breeze, instantly brightening up your look with its lively color.

  • Color: Pastel mint green
  • Finish: Creamy
  • Perfect For: Spring and summer seasons, weekend outings, and when you're feeling lively

5. Butler Please: The Vibrant Classic

"Butler Please" is a brilliant, electrifying cobalt blue. This shade is vibrant, classic, and never fails to stand out, making it a must-have in every nail polish collection.

  • Color: Bright cobalt blue
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Perfect For: When you want your nails to pop, summer outings, and parties

The Power of Choice: Essie's Color Spectrum

Each Essie nail polish shade offers a unique blend of color, texture, and style. To help you visualize their unique attributes, here's a quick comparison:

Shade Color Finish Perfect For

Ballet Slippers. Soft, sheer pink. Subtle shine. Everyday wear, professional settings, formal occasions

Lady Like. Muted mauve. Creamy. Adding a touch of class to any look

Wicked. Deep, dark burgundy. Glossy. Evening events, fall and winter seasons

Mint Candy Apple. Pastel mint green. Creamy. Spring and summer seasons, weekend outings

Butler Please. Bright cobalt blue. Glossy. When you want your nails to pop, summer outings, parties

Whether you're looking for a classic shade for everyday wear or a vibrant color for a pop of personality, Essie's range of nail polish has something for everyone. These top-selling shades, each with its unique appeal, embody the diversity and quality that Essie brings to the table. Choose your favorite and experience the magic of Essie nail polish today.