A new style of wholesale

Enjoy 0% commission on your first five transactions for a limited time.

Join our fast-growing community of beauty professionals and salons
earn more

Earn more

You’re selling directly to the pros, so there’s no middleman to pay—just more money in your pocket. We only take a small commission fee.
gain customers

Gain customers

Salons & professionals across the country use Atriume to shop for inventory, so it’s already the perfect time to introduce them to your brand.
painless setup

Painless setup

Create your own online store and upload products in minutes. Keep track of order fulfillment with an easy-to-manage dashboard.

Increase your revenue and sell products at wholesale directly to buyers through Atriume.

No extra fees or legwork (for either of you).

No startup costs or maintenance fees to worry about.

How it works

open your store

Open your store

Sign up and give us a couple of days to verify your business info. We’ll shoot you a welcome email when your account is ready and help you set up your storefront. Just upload items using the product details.

start getting orders

Start getting orders

Salon managers, beauty professionals, and supply stores place their orders through Atriume and we send you all the order details so you can start preparing it ASAP. You can offer subscription plans for qualifying products.

ship & get paid

Ship & get paid

Once their order’s ready, prepay and print the shipping label, and send it off! It’ll go straight to their address, so they won’t be waiting long, and you won’t be either. You’ll get your payment and an invoice after 2-3 business days.

Ready for a new style of business?