Tips For Choosing The Right Extensions For Your Hair

By Emily Walker


Hair extensions are perfect for adding length, volume, dimension, color, and so much more to your hair. However, it is so important that you choose the right extensions for your hair. This can make all the difference in the world when it comes to how natural your extensions look and how well they do with your natural hair. Here are some tips for choosing hair extensions for different hair types.

Thin Hair

If you would like to get hair extensions for your thin hair, there are a few things to look for. You want hair extensions that will not pull hard on your hair roots and remove your natural hair. You will also want to purchase extensions that come in smaller wefts so that you can easily hide the clips underneath your natural hair. The hair of the extension should also be made to look very similar to your natural hair. For example, if your natural hair is very fine, then you will want to choose hair extensions that are made out of fine hair as well.

Thick Hair

If your hair is already naturally thick, but you would like to add some length to your hair, then extensions are a great option. You just need to make sure that you choose the right kind of extensions. Since you don’t want to make your hair any thicker, it is a good idea to go with several thinner wefts that are sewn throughout your hair. These thin wefts combine to create a good amount of long hair for you, but they don’t make the upper part of your hair look thick and unnatural. Just as with thin hair extensions, you want to make sure you choose extensions that are similar to your hair type, whether it be fine, coarse, or somewhere in between.

Short Hair

If your hair is shorter, and you want to add a good amount of length to it, you want to make sure you choose extensions that offer a lot of dimension to your hair and are blended well. Having the extensions put in at one length, and then having the extensions layered, will help them to blend in really well with your short hair. This creates a gorgeous look that is very natural.

Colored Hair

If you have a very specific color of hair, it is important that your extensions match as close to this color as possible. The great thing about extensions that are made out of natural human hair, is the fact that they can easily be dyed. Also, because hair used in most hair extensions is virgin hair, it will likely take well to the hair dye. This makes it possible to get almost the exact color that you need and helps you to feel pleased with the color of your hair extensions.

Curly Hair

If your hair is natural curly, you definitely want to choose sewn, tape-in, halo, etc. extensions, that are either naturally curly, or that have been permed. When extensions are permed, you have the ability to choose how loose or tight you would like the curl to be. This makes it possible for you to choose extensions that will go perfectly with your curly hair, even if the hair wasn’t originally curly.

Choosing to go with hair extensions that are right for your hair, will ensure that they look how you want them to and function well in your hair. Whether your hair is long, short, thick, thin, colored, fine, coarse, curly or somewhere in between, you will be able to find the right extensions for you.